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A packaging products (suzhou) co., LTD., located in the jiangnan beautiful too lake, is a large enterprise specialized in production of corrugated cardboard, carton, are among the best investment scale in the Yangtze river delta region, wholly owned by Singapore's famous packaging group, completed and put into operation in June 1997, the parent company listed on overseas stock.

Company invested $19.64 million, covering an area of 19.64 million mu, total assets of 327 million yuan, annual sales of nearly 400 million yuan people. Modernization of the main building area of 50000 square meters, at the same time equipped with complete facilities of the office building and dormitory building.

A packaging is a national \"high-tech enterprise\", factory has independent research and development center (municipal), there is a strength of research and development team, has a national patent ten three packaging. Company existing staff 410 people, of which more than 30% have college degree or above in technical personnel and management staff...

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